Guiding you through your Story Universe

Hello, I’m Claudia.
Welcome to this space for Magic and Stories. Where all our possibilities can become our reality.

I’m a Portuguese living in Belgium. I’m an avid world traveler, eternal student of life, with a deep interest for spirituality and wellness. Trying to shine through with my luminous and kind spirit and approach to life.

I guide people through their Story Universe.

Stories are the doors and the bridges to the remembrance of our Soul, of who truly are, but they are also the path itself. And I am here to guide you through the doors that want to be open, the bridges that want to be crossed, and the paths that want for you to follow.

Stories hold the keys to unlocking all our secrets and wants.

I worked for over 18 years in the corporate world. Mostly as a Consultant, Coach and Trainer in Communication and Marketing. All the while, also going through my own inner journey and spiritual quest!

From my work in the corporate world, I learned the deep need that people have to connect to themselves and others, and to be given permission to be! And from working first on the person and strengthening their confidence, everything else would flow more easily from this space. I was opening them to all the possibilities of their own connection and expression.

And at the same time, my own journey was also happening. One of deep healing and discovering all that I truly am and not what I was told to be. From an early age, I had a deep interest in myths and magic, but also to understand more of the world.

As the eternal student of life and its wisdom, I dedicated the time to learn the mystical and energetic, all that is the true essence of our lives. From meditation, to EFT, Reiki, crystals, shamanic practices, energy work and healing, oracle reading, and divine masters and spaces.

From my constant need to understand more, to create more of myself from a space that felt deeply true and full of love, I started to live from a space of my soul. Eternal and filled with possibilities.

Putting to good use my academic background in Languages and Literature to create the myths and stories that will help us find our true story, and also my professional background in Communication to deepen our expression.

To see my own light and sense shine bright, with confidence and ease. When the questions are different,  when the sense of work is not work but joy. When possibilities are bigger than limitations.

We are all equal! You are made of infinite love and light and always deserving of it!

As you open yourself to love, you open yourself to your own life!

So, shine through, and shine bright!

With love