The Power of Words

Communication is a key skill in everything we do

Words are at the center of communication. How often do you feel you do not find the right words to communicate?

Words are the building blocks and powerful tools to connect, persuade and create impact when we communicate.


Success in communication comes from having a clear and engaging message.
One that enables you to connect with others, and obtain the results you need.


Make sure you have the right words to connect with yourself and others.
Create a vocabulary that empowers and motivates you and those around you.

WHY you need it

Communication is key in all that we do and it is often overlooked.

It is a central skill to create any interaction, connection and to create real impact and results.

Words are the vehicle to express our thoughts, emotions, ideas and beliefs.

Messages are the central piece to engage and connect with others and transmit with clarity and impact.

WHO is it for

For business professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

That want to grow within their area of expertise at work or to sucessfully communicate about their business or project.

And also, for anyone that wishes to change and transform their life through a new Self-dialogue, a vocabulary that empowers, inspires and motivates.

WHAT I offer

Do you need to create an amazing message to communicate what you do or offer, or present at work or even  present or pitch an idea/ concept/ offer.

Change your life by changing your words. Learn how to create a vocabulary to improve your own life and also to inspire, empower and motivate others

HOW to work with me

– Individual and personalised communication coaching sessions

– Online Courses (coming soon!)

– Company Courses


Individual Coaching

Work with me 1:1 in a coaching session to create your successful message.

Learn the strategies and proven communication methods to create the presentation to captivate and keep your audience interested, and wanting more!


Online Courses

Coming soon!


Company Workshops

Successful communication workshops for professionals looking to master the power of their words.

Improve communications and relations in the work place.


Your words have power

Hi I’m Claudia Fortes, a Communication Coach and Trainer, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Offering individual coaching sessions and in-company workshops to create powerful messages and a vocabulary of success and impact.

With over 15 years experience in Communication at an international level, leading large communication projects and client accounts, delivering workshops, consulting and coaching.

I will work with you and share communication strategies and tools that are very practical and needed for your needs and work.

You will become a better communicator. And you will save time and money, and fast-track your success.


What Clients Say

“Travailler avec Claudia m’a permis de créer facilement mon message et de le présenter avec succès. Elle est structurée, créative et se soucie des résultats”

Jan van Hous

“A Claudia é uma verdadeira coach, ao trabalhar com ela aprende-se imenso, tem a capacidade de tirar-nos da nossa zona de conforto e fazer-nos pensar “out of the box”. Sem duvida recebi muito mais do que estava a espera.” 

Gizela Melo
CEO @ Mama Smile kids Store

“I was struggling with my my business message. From how to better communicate it but also to promote myself better and in a manner that seemed authentic to me and my mission. By creating my message with Claudia I not only saw amazing results  and a great message to communicate, but I also gained the confidence to communicate more. Thank you Claudia” 

Jane Longwood
CEO @ foodforyou

“Claudia easily gave me the steps and confidence to deliver amazing presentations in my company” 

Kris Trouens
project MANAGER @ ibm

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