Words have the unique power to express, share and connect 

Words impact our daily personal and professional communications (spoken and written).

Learn the “Power of your Words” to know how to authentically express yourself. Create communications for wonderful responsiveness and interactions. 

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Once upon a time

“Once upon a time” Growing up this was the beginning to all my childhood stories. I loved these words, and still do. They immediately took me to a place of[…]

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07/10/2017 0

Simple Ways to Improve Your Self-Talk

Self-talk is key to to become more assertive and confident. An empowered self-talk always leads to a positive ripple-effect in all our relations and interactions. It becomes easier to speak[…]

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06/29/2017 0

Routine and Planning for Success

Routine gives you time For me routine is key to ensure that my time is spent pleasantly and well. It sets my day and also allows me to react with more flexibility to[…]

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04/18/2017 0

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