Reclaim your  Story

Transform yourself and your life through Story.
Reimagine yourself and become the story you were always meant to tell and live!


The ancient art and wisdom of storytelling is the power to ignite life into our thougths and dreams.

Stories are always remembrance of the soul, illuminating the way to who we are and to show us the possibilities we hold.

True creation and belonging can only be found in the stories of the soul.

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Connect to your true inner self and space

Unlock your possibilities: reclaim your story and your truth

Rise up: flow to the dance and song of your soul and the joy within

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Get to know me

Hi, I am Claudia and I am the storyteller and word weaver behind “the heart of the soul”. 

Stories are the language of the soul, and at its heart are the keys to unlock the doors of your possibilities and your true self.

If you have often felt very deeply about a story or character, and can even feel yourself as an archetype found in stories but not now, you are not alone. I am here to support you to bring it to live!

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