3 ways to transform your conversations



Are you having meaningful conversations?


Our days are filled with conversations. With ourselves, with others, online and offline.
The people and situations may differ, b
ut they all have a common denominator. In almost every conversation we want to make an impression and create a result.

Here are 3 ways to easily transform your conversations, so that you authentically connect and create results and lasting impressions.


Know your Outcome
A key element to a successful conversation is to always know the outcome. Define what you want out of each conversation, so that all your actions and words support the result you want to achieve. Perhaps, you want an approval or consent, or maybe a confirmation.

Keep in mind that the communication result will vary depending if you know and remember your outcome. Be clear about it when starting the conversation and let the outcome guide your words and create the expected results.


Build rapport through commonality
To create that first connection in a conversation it is key to build rapport through commonality.
We all react to what we have in common. We will naturally stay away from what makes us different. However, we will be magnetised towards what resemble us.

It is easier to connect with others from what we have in common. A good first step is to build rapport in a conversation through commonality. For this, ask questions in the conversation to find the commonality over which you can relate with the other and build a connection.


Ask and repeat to clarify
A good conversation needs flow and clarity. When you clarify anything that is not clear and also ask questions, you will keep the interest and interaction focused on the other and a flow in the conversation.

Simple ways to do this is for example to:

  • turn a normal sentence into a question to introduce a new topic or idea
  • ask a question and immediately answer it to change the rhythm and tone and keep a flow of interest
  • ask questions that expect an answer to create an interaction and bond over the answer
  • Be captivating and memorable


Practice to create moments that are captivating and memorable. 


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