Why you need Communication Coaching


Are you thriving in your Communications?

Communication Coaching allows you dedicated time to work on specific areas to overcome obstacles or improve skills. You can achieve concrete results by working 1:1 with an experienced Expert.


What happens in a Session
During my Communication Coaching sessions, I always work with each client in a personalised manner. For every client, I take into account any professional and personal goals. And I share a variety of proven methods, processes and tools that are best suited for each individual communication need.

I start with a pre-assessment form to acquire key information on the required needs and solutions.
Each session tackles a specific problem and solution. I guide through the necessary communication skills, methods and tools. I work with the client to practice and easily put in place the communication solutions. My goal is to ensure that new solutions and skills are easy to implement.


“Great communicators aren’t born, they are made”



Invest in Communication Coaching so that you:

  • Have the support and knowledge to improve your interactions
  • Stop fearing a presentation or speaking in a meeting, and start creating impact and confidence when sharing ideas or topics
  • Master your daily communications and learn the tips and tricks
  • Know how to communicate your limits, opinions and feedback


Not sure if your communication needs are addressed in a session, book a Free 20minutes Consultation to discuss it.



Claudia Fortes is a communications expert with over 14 years of experience. Her communication coaching sessions are tailor-made to your communication obstacles and needs. She will provide you with easy to apply methods, steps and tools to improve quickly and easily.

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