Where is your conversation going?


How often do you find yourself in conversations without being clear about where it is going? Meaning, that we can talk and talk, discuss endlessly but we fail to be clear on what we want out of the conversation.

Define your outcome
Defining the outcome of our communications is something that we do not always consider, specially for conversations. We often know our opinion, idea, feeling in a conversation not what we want out of the communication/conversation.

Before each conversation make sure you take a brief moment and ask your self: “what do I want or need from this conversation?

Practice this simple step
This is an easy step to practice in your communications. This is not goal setting but being clear about the result you want in a precise manner. Imagine before making a phone call you would ask yourself what do you want out of this call and what are the actions/ details to achieve this? So for example, let’s assume you need help with a task. This is your outcome to have this help but you also need to consider before hand when, how and for what you need it.

Better results and better communications
It is a simple quick mental preparation before any communication/ conversation that gives you focus and clarity and ultimately results. It can not only eliminate frustrations of not being understood or reaching a certain result. And it will also make you a better communicator.

This simple practice will ensure authentic success and results in each of your communications. 


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