New year, new plan

Planning your resolutions

The start of the new year often includes planning and setting resolutions. A series of articles, videos, and opinions for resolutions and lifestyle changes enter our lives abundantly. The truth is that we do not have to rush to jump on the bandwagon of resolutions and change.

A new year does not necessarily need to start with expectations and resolutions. Change can happen all year long, and we all have the space to change and plan when it feels good.

Nonetheless, whether you are planning to create resolutions at the start of the year or at another time, here are some practical tips to make sure your resolutions can become an easy reality:

  1. Make a simple list of what you wish to start or achieve. For example to become healthier, fitter, travel somewhere, take a course, etc.
  2. Write next to each item on your list a simple action to take that will turn the idea into a reality. It could be that the action to become fitter is to join a gym or group. Or if you want to travel you need to set time to plan and book your trip, and decide when you will go, etc. Schedule the action and make time for it to make sure it happens.
  3. To keep focus and motivation make sure you know the “why” for each item on your list. So for example, why do you want to be fitter or take a course. This will ensure that you can keep your motivation because you know why you are doing it.

Happy planning!