Workshops for companies & business professionals

Course: The Power of Your Words
Connect to yourself and others through your words

Words can destroy or uplift us. They can define what represents our values and connect us to ourselves and others. But how can we choose words to truly share who we are and what we offer? How can we improve our self-talk to gain confidence and achieve our business results? Learn to create impact and self-leadership through your words.

Course: Writing to the Top
Business Writing for Successful Reports and Recommendations

Learn the methodologies to write for business (inverted pyramid and 3 second rule) that large companies such as McKenzie used. And get ready for a very practical day (70% practical excersises) so that by the end of the day you are ready to successfully write to the top.

Course: Our Words across frontiers
The Do’s and Don’ts when communicating with multinational and multi-cutural teams

More and more we work with multinational teams and interact with a wide diversity of cultures. We might all be communicating in the same work language, but culture changes perceptions and communications. 

Learn how to communicate with different cultures so you are able to deliver emails, meetings, updates and presentations that are easily understood and received by other cultures and backgrounds.

All courses are for groups of 4 to 12 professionals:
For managers and team members within a company.
They can be delivered as a full or half-day course.
  • Interactive and practical courses

  • For the most pressing communication problems

  • Apply it immediately in your work

  • Simple, hands-on and fun to learn

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