Captivate and engage in presentations


There are so many moments we need to present.
And we can feel a bit overwhelmed on how to be ourselves but still captivate and get out message across.

Either at work to deliver a presentation, or giving a workshop or online course/webinar, or perhaps at a client meeting.

Have 1:1 coaching time with me and learn how to present with ease to engage and captivate others!



This is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and coaches.


What you will learn

– Start with a simple strategy to create a message that has a clear objective and audience and answers their needs
– Learn how to structure your presentation, use the best visuals, and feel confident.

– Create a story to narrate that captivates and keeps your audience interested, and wanting more!
– Use the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) strategy for a powerful guiding story throughout your presentation
– Learn the AWSM method for powerful body language
– Create a S.T.A.R. (something to always remember) moment to have a powerful opening and ending
– Use the principle of recency to ensure that last thing your audience hears is powerful enough to be remembered


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1:1 Coaching Session will get you

– Tailor-made guidance and solutions on a variety of communication skills
– Accountability since I will work with you to create solutions to move you ahead
– Motivation to keep your commitments
– Best practices and know-how best suited to your needs

BOOK TODAY 1:1 Coaching Session with me. 
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If you want to have “present your story” as a workshop in organisation
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