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The key to a great Message

A MESSAGE NEEDS TO SPARK INTEREST It needs to resonate and be understood in order to create impact. And it also needs to motivate action, even if it is to just respond to it. Before you starting crafting a message ask yourself the following:Why and what do you want as a result from this message?It…
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Why you need Communication Coaching

  Are you thriving in your Communications? Communication Coaching allows you dedicated time to work on specific areas to overcome obstacles or improve skills. You can achieve concrete results by working 1:1 with an experienced Expert.   What happens in a Session During my Communication Coaching sessions, I always work with each client in a personalised…
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21/02/2018 0

How to grow your Business through Storytelling

  “Storytelling is a great way to get your point of across, differentiate your brand” – Richard Branson   Storytelling is one of the best communication vehicles and tools to share and create a real connection, interest and involvement from an audience. A story allows us to empathise, relate and understand. A story will bring…
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