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The key to a great Message

A MESSAGE NEEDS TO SPARK INTEREST It needs to resonate and be understood in order to create impact. And it also needs to motivate action, even if it is to just respond to it. Before you starting crafting a message ask yourself the following:Why and what do you want as a result from this message?It…
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15/05/2019 0

3 ways to transform your conversations

    Are you having meaningful conversations?   Our days are filled with conversations. With ourselves, with others, online and offline. The people and situations may differ, but they all have a common denominator. In almost every conversation we want to make an impression and create a result. Here are 3 ways to easily transform…
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20/06/2018 0

Want better relations? Start listening

Are you creating space in your conversations to connect?   We are all living in a fast-paced world, where technology is changing our conversations and interactions. We spend more time scrolling through our phones than actually listening. And why should we listen? Listen and connect We all want to feel understood and heard. We need…
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14/03/2018 0

Why you need Communication Coaching

  Are you thriving in your Communications? Communication Coaching allows you dedicated time to work on specific areas to overcome obstacles or improve skills. You can achieve concrete results by working 1:1 with an experienced Expert.   What happens in a Session During my Communication Coaching sessions, I always work with each client in a personalised…
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21/02/2018 0

How to grow your Business through Storytelling

  “Storytelling is a great way to get your point of across, differentiate your brand” – Richard Branson   Storytelling is one of the best communication vehicles and tools to share and create a real connection, interest and involvement from an audience. A story allows us to empathise, relate and understand. A story will bring…
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15/01/2018 0

Where is your conversation going?

  How often do you find yourself in conversations without being clear about where it is going? Meaning, that we can talk and talk, discuss endlessly but we fail to be clear on what we want out of the conversation. Define your outcome Defining the outcome of our communications is something that we do not…
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02/11/2017 0

Once upon a time

“Once upon a time” Growing up this was the beginning to all my childhood stories. I loved these words, and still do. They immediately took me to a place of wonder, of possibility. The Power of a Story Stories are one of the most powerful means of communication. In ancient times, knowledge and values were…
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10/07/2017 0

Simple Ways to Improve Your Self-Talk

  Self-talk is key to to become more assertive and confident. An empowered self-talk always leads to a positive ripple-effect in all our relations and interactions. It becomes easier to speak up and to be heard. If you want to improve your self-talk, here are a couple of simple suggestions. Notice your words Start noticing…
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29/06/2017 0

Routine and Planning for Success

  Routine gives you time For me routine is key to ensure that my time is spent pleasantly and well. It sets my day and also allows me to react with more flexibility to any last minute events or changes. Our time is valuable and it is important to learn to plan for priorities and set routines. And…
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18/04/2017 0

New year, new plan

Planning your resolutions The start of the new year often includes planning and setting resolutions. A series of articles, videos, and opinions for resolutions and lifestyle changes enter our lives abundantly. The truth is that we do not have to rush to jump on the bandwagon of resolutions and change. A new year does not necessarily…
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