The key to a great Message

The key to a great Message

15/05/2019 Communication 0


It needs to resonate and be understood in order to create impact. And it also needs to motivate action, even if it is to just respond to it.

Before you starting crafting a message ask yourself the following:
Why and what do you want as a result from this message?
It can be as big or small. Maybe you just need a simple reply or perhaps an approval or buy-in.

First – the Why

You should always be very clear on the reason why the message needs to be created.

Consider the following before starting your message:

  • When you think of the “why” always consider the two points of view and needs: yours and the audience (the one receiving the message)
  • Also consider if there is an action driving the “why”. Something that needs to be asked from the audience/ receiver of the message.

Second – the Outcome

The outcome will be what defines if the message was successful or not. And you need again to keep considering the two sides: you and the audience.

For this, ask yourself:

  • What am I trying to achieve with this message?
  • What do I expect my audience to do? Is there an action needed from the message?

Keep in mind that a message is always about what you want to convey.
But also, and most importantly, what the other will understand from it.



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