How to grow your Business through Storytelling

How to grow your Business through Storytelling

15/01/2018 Communication 0


“Storytelling is a great way to get your point of across, differentiate your brand” – Richard Branson


Storytelling is one of the best communication vehicles and tools to share and create a real connection, interest and involvement from an audience.

A story allows us to empathise, relate and understand.

A story will bring to life a product or service, specially when focusing on the solution it provides.



The power and benefits of storytelling

Your business can significantly grow and connect with your customers by having a story that is consistently used throughout all communications.

A story for your business will:

  • Clarify your message, so customers will listen
  • Connect with your customers, team, partners
  • Clearly explain your business offer
  • Communicate what is singular about your offer



How will it benefit your business

  • Storytelling will make your business offer more tangible and convincing for your target audience.
  • Stories tend to stick in people’s mind. This is the most efficient way to ensure that potential customers remember your message.
  • Trigger an emotional response and feeling of trust with your brand and offer.
  • Make sure your customers are coming back and talking about you.


Go beyond your business offer and brand. Make sure your customers not only feel involved but also want to be a part of your business story.



Claudia Fortes is a communications expert who is passionate about storytelling and how it can transform a business and connect with an audience.

Claudia has a Business Story offer to help professionals and business owners create a story/ message that not only clearly describes their solutions but also captivates customers.

Email me at today to see how I can help you create the story of your business!



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