Once upon a time

Once upon a time

10/07/2017 Communication 0

“Once upon a time”

Growing up this was the beginning to all my childhood stories. I loved these words, and still do. They immediately took me to a place of wonder, of possibility.

The Power of a Story
Stories are one of the most powerful means of communication. In ancient times, knowledge and values were taught through stories. In same indigenous cultures, stories are passed down through generations to teach pathways to different knowledge, tradition and values.

A story connects our words to our emotions. We can feel inspired and relate to the power of a story where a dilemma or obstacle is surmounted.

Perspective and meaning
Every story offers endless possibilities on its perspective and meaning. 
A character can be a villain or an hero.

Once upon a time, stories transport us to a world of possibilities. To another time and realm, where everything is possible. Our words and our stories can empower and transform our experiences.

What is your “once upon a time?”


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