Simple Ways to Improve Your Self-Talk

Simple Ways to Improve Your Self-Talk

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Self-talk is key to to become more assertive and confident. An empowered self-talk always leads to a positive ripple-effect in all our relations and interactions. It becomes easier to speak up and to be heard.

If you want to improve your self-talk, here are a couple of simple suggestions.

Notice your words
Start noticing how you speak to yourself everyday. Do you speak with love? Or do you speak with judgment and criticism?

A simple step is to start to talk to yourself with as much love and kindness as you can. Specially when you are struggling or feeling down. Make sure you become your own cheerleader, to lift your mood and positive talk.

Positive self-talk include words such as: “I am…”, “I can…”, “I love…”, “I am looking forward…”.

The power of affirming
Learn to use affirmations. You can start to use them every day and you will notice how repetition will re-train your brain to speak to yourself in a more positive manner.

A great resource is Louise Hay’s website, who made affirmations so popular and widely used. Try her affirmations for a set period of time and see the results in your self-talk.

React with kindness
How often the words and stories created by others can send us on a spiral of self-judgment and criticism? These are moments where you can ask the other person to reason why such words are being spoken to you. 
And also, to truly be your own cheerleader and best friend. Knowing that these are the words and thoughts of another, and they do not define you.

Act and talk to yourself and to others from a place of kindness. Do not give power to the judgment of the stories and words.

Create your mantra
Have words and mantras to cultivate your self-talk at any time. Use words that make you feel empowered, secure and loved. Repeat them specially when in moments of sadness and doubt. They will boost you and start to shift how you feel.

Always cultivate the self-talk and relation you have with yourself. It will be the most important and lasting relation you will ever have in your life. Everything and everyone around can change you, but you will always be there. Speak to yourself with love.


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