Routine and Planning for Success

Routine and Planning for Success

18/04/2017 Communication 0


Routine gives you time

For me routine is key to ensure that my time is spent pleasantly and well. It sets my day and also allows me to react with more flexibility to any last minute events or changes.

Our time is valuable and it is important to learn to plan for priorities and set routines.
And specially for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to make sure their time is optimised for a life-work balance.

Create a simple daily routine

  • Plan ahead
    Plan your day and to do list either the evening before or first thing in the morning. You will start your day with a clear structured plan and goals to achieve.
  • Prioritise the urgent and difficult
    Start with the urgent work and tasks. Schedule the most important tasks and top priorities for the beginning of the day. Then work down to the lower tasks and actions. Any tasks left undone can be placed on the list for the next day.
  • Put the don’t disturb sign on
    Create a don’t disturb and no distractions time to focus on a specific task. This means putting the phone, emails and social media off. Remember that you do not always need to be available and connected. If you tend to multitask two or three things at the same time (emails, social media, phone), try to notice if your stress levels are not higher and you have less things done or are taking longer.
  • Motivation and accountability
    A good way to stay motivated with your work and time is to know your goals and end-results. You can also reward yourself when you achieve certain goals. And you can also have an accountability partner to support you, to share successes and ideas.

Keep in mind

  • Don’t over plan and leave space for the unexpected.
  • Don’t thrive on the myth of multitasking and feeling very busy. Focus on each task and you will get more done.
  • Accept that you will not have time for everything, and make sure you organise your time for your priorities.



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