Welcome to Magic and Stories

We are all made of Stories.
And the truest magic is to embrace and live in the possibilities of the Stories we remember we have lived and the ones we want to create.

Your Story

For we are not imagining, we are remembering. I will guide you to unveil your Story and also how to embrace your possibilities, how to take action and live the Story that is truly yours.

Paths to remember

Walk with me through the pathways of your remembrance and the Stories that are yours. Perhaps it is the fairy, the witch, the healer, the sage, the mageā€¦From remembrance we unveil how you are meant to live it right now.

Unveil your Story

Re- Claim the Story that feels true and that you yearn to live. The Witch, the Fairy, the Priestess, the Sage, the Healer, the Magician….
The stories that have drawn you are remembrance waiting to be awaken.

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